The Sustainable Care programme’s work on Care Work and Relationships is co-directed by Professor Sue Yeandle and Professor Jill Manthorpe. It aims to theorise the connections between the division and organisation of caring labour and the quality of caring relationships; to identify strategies which can promote sustainable care with wellbeing in home care settings; to enhance understanding of the role of workplace support in supporting work-care reconciliation; to explore the role of technology in alleviating pressure in caring situations; and to study under-researched aspects of mobility and migration, including caring at a distance and ageing migrants in the UK.

Working in three teams, researchers in the programme’s Care Work and Relationships strand are studying:

Delivering care at home

Emerging models and their implications for sustainability and wellbeing

Combining work and care

How do workplace support and technologies contribute to sustainable care arrangements?

Care ‘in’ and ‘out of’ place

Towards sustainability and wellbeing in mobile and diverse contexts

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