The Sustainable Care programme’s work on Care Systems is co-directed by Professor Sue Yeandle and Professor Jon Glasby. It aims to theorise the relationship between care systems and their ability to be sustainable with wellbeing outcomes. Our researchers studying Care Systems will: compare the care systems which have developed in the four nations of the UK; explore, model and identify relationships between care system costs and contributions; clarify the role and potential of technology in creating sustainable pathways for care system development; and build understanding of the relationship between mobility and migration and the sustainability of care systems, with particular reference to population diversity and change.

Working in four teams, researchers in the programme’s Care Systems strand are studying:

Comparing UK care systems

Prospects, developments and differentiation in the four UK nations

Modelling care system costs and contributions

Data for a sustainable care and wellbeing strategy

Achieving sustainability in care systems

The potential of technology

Migrant care workers in the UK

An analysis of sustainability of care at home

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