Policy Perspectives series

The Sustainable Care research programme aims to explore the sustainability of care, currently in crisis, and to consider how it can deliver wellbeing outcomes. To set the context for the research, and to contribute to the forthcoming government consultation on social care, 7 ‘Re-Imagining Care’ Round Table events were held to debate key research topics being considered within the programme.

Attendees at these events included key Partners to the Sustainable Care programme as well as external guests to help frame the discussions using their valuable experience. As a result of the Round Table events, Policy Perspectives have now been created which give insight into the topics discussed and the recommendations debated during these events.

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Brexit, migration, mobility and the care crisis

Supporting carers to work and care

Migrant care workers and their future in the UK context

How can we create better jobs in care?

Ageing well at home: emergent models of home care provision and the professionalisation of the home care workforce

Care data: the scope and quality of data on care

The role of technology in making care arrangements sustainable

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