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15th June 2020

Sustainable Care seminar series: Carers and the failure of ‘identity’

We welcomed Professor Luke Clements from the University of Leeds to speak for us as part of our Sustainable Care seminar series.

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18th May 2020

Sustainable Care seminar series: The Financialisation of Care: Investment funds and the sustainability of UK care homes

As part of our Sustainable Care seminar series we welcomed Dr Amy Horton from University College London to speak for us at this online seminar.

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4th May 2020

Sustainable Care seminar series: The role of ‘replacement care’ in supporting working carers

As part of our Sustainable Care seminar series we welcomed Dr Derek King and Nicola Brimblecome from London School of Economics to speak for us at our first online seminar.

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11th March 2020

Care in and out of place: the experiences of ageing migrants

On the 11th of March 2020, our team working on Care ‘in’ and ‘out of’place held an event at Sadacca (Sheffield & District Afro Caribbean Community Association, The Wicker, Sheffield) to disseminate the findings of  research. This event brought together older people, community organisations and other NGOs, researchers and policy-makers to discuss issues related to ageing and migration.

Read about the event here
Care 'In' and 'Out of' Place' WP image

3rd February 2020

Gender, Care and Social Reproduction: why gender matters for care policy
Sustainable Care Seminar Series

Prof. Ruth Pearson & Prof. Sue Himmelweit
Women’s Budget Group

The Women’s Budget Group argues that the analysis of theoretical and policy issues about care requires a gendered understanding of the processes and institutions of the economy and society. Although often overlooked, care is a vital part of social reproduction, the way in which any society, including its roles and relationships, is reproduced. While other economists talk about the reproduction of productive roles and relationships, feminist economists have concentrated on what such accounts tend to ignore: the reproduction of people, their inevitable need for care at crucial times in their lives, and the changing roles of men and women in that process. Gendered roles and relationships over care both structure what it is possible for the economy to do, and are in turn affected by economic processes. Policy on care can therefore can have important economic effects, but may be a product of policy stances taken by those concerned by quite other issues (for example, neoliberalism is not typically defined by its stance on social reproduction, yet it has had significant effects on care).

A gendered analysis of care therefore requires going beyond a gendered breakdown of those needing, receiving giving and working in care activities to consider the ways in which our whole system of social reproduction is deeply gendered. This seminar will use such an argument in considering the overall direction of contemporary care policies. This will be evaluated for its impact not just on immediate care practices and on gender inequalities within them, but also for its likely effect on the reproduction of such gender inequalities. The seminar will go on to interrogate the ways in which care is different from other economic and social processes, and to consider why care has been marginalised in contemporary political discourse and debates.


21st November 2019

‘Innovations in home care: conversations on care’

Sustainable Care team members Dr Cate Goodlad, Dr Kate Hamblin and Dr Karla Zimpel-Leal presented a seminar at Green Templeton College at the University of Oxford.

19th November 2019

‘Social care, healthcare and superdiversity’

Professor Catherine Needham, co-investigator in the Sustainable Care programme, organised a seminar on ‘Social care, healthcare and superdiversity’ on 19th November 2019 at the University of Birmingham.

Read a report of this event by Dr Agnes Turnpenny on our blog here

London, 22nd October, 2019
Director of CIRCLE, Professor Sue Yeandle was a guest speaker and panel discussant at the Social Market Foundation and ESRC event ‘Ask the expert: how do we better support the UK’s older carers?’

Watch the panel discussion here

Sue was also interviewed by SMF Research Director Scott Corfe in a post-event podcast, choose a platform below to listen to their conversation.


London, 4th September 2019
Sustainable Care team attended the Professional Careworkers Day main event.

Dr Karla Zimpel-Leal and Dr Agnes Turnpenny from the Sustainable Care team attended the main event for Professional Care Workers’ Day on 4th September 2019.
The event was organised by the National Association for Carer and Support Workers (NACAS).

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Sustainable Care team presented at the
16th Annual IMISCOE Conference, Malmö, June 26th-28th


Members of the Sustainable Care team attended the 16th Annual IMISCOE (International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion) Conference at Malmö University in Sweden.

“The growing diversity and complexity of international migration present a need for reconceptualizing migration research. The aim of the 2019 IMISCOE Annual Conference is to facilitate exchanges in new concepts and innovative methodologies for understanding human migration in the 21st Century. We welcome proposals from various disciplines, such as political science, sociology, economics, history, law, anthropology, social work, public administration, demography, social geography, and others.”- IMISCOE website

More information can be found on the IMISCOE website here

Sustainable Care team presented at the 4th Transforming Care conference in Copenhagen, June 24th-26th 2019

4th International CIRCLE Seminar, 19th June, Sheffield, UK

Emerging risks in paid care work: individualisation, insecurity and the gig economy

Dr Fiona MacDonald
Senior Research Fellow, RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia

The impact of the living wage and individualisation on organisational sustainability and workforce precarity in Scottish Social Care

Professor Ian Cunningham
Professor of Employment Relations, University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland

The Sustainable Care team presented at IAGGER 2019, Gothenburg, 23rd May

In May 2019, members of the Sustainable Care team presented at the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics European Region Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In a session, chaired by Sustainable Care collaborating partner Professor Elizabeth Hanson (Linnaeus University), titled ‘Towards Carer-Friendly Systems in the European Union: the EU Pillar of Social Rights as a Framework for Evidence-based Policymaking – Findings from the Eurocarers Research Working Group‘, SC Principal Investigator Sue Yeandle presented: ‘Sustainable care relationships in long-term care: work-life balance policies and their impact on older people’s caring networks
Also presenting in the session were collaborating partner Dr Giovanni Lamura (INRCA) and SC Advisory Board member Stecy Yhgemonos (Eurocarers).

15th April, How can small businesses benefit from supporting working carers?

The University of Sheffield and the Sustainable Care programme organised a free event for small to medium size employers at Halifax Hall in Sheffield on 15th April 2019. At the event there were opportunities to learn about:

  • How your business can benefit from supporting working carers.
  • Good practice from other companies supporting working carers.
  • Affordable approaches to supporting working carers.
  • An introduction to ‘Employers for Carers’, established by Carers UK which provides practical advice and help to develop carer-friendly policies and practice.
  • Longer-term and tailored support the University of Sheffield can provide to help you and your working carers.


8- 12th April, Sustainable Care Team Visited Partners in Taipei

The Sustainable Care programme has been successful in winning additional UK research council funds, to be spent in 2018-19, to enhance international collaboration with colleagues in a restricted list of eligible countries.These included Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Taiwan; many thanks to our partners in these nations for supporting our application. The funds have so far enabled several groups from the Sustainable Care team to visit Toronto (November 2018) Sydney and Tokyo (February 2019) and, now in April 2019, Taipei, for a range of meetings, research workshops, policy-research conferences and contacts with policy and practice partners.

Read more on Professor Sue Yeandle's blog entry here

28- 29 March, IMISCOE event, Sheffield

The ‘Transforming Mobility and Immobility: Brexit and Beyond’ IMISCOE Spring Conference took place on 28-29 March 2019 in Sheffield, UK.

This conference was organised by the Migration Research Group (MRG) (Sustainable Care team members Dr Majella Kilkey and Professor Louise Ryan) at the University of Sheffield in collaboration with the Centre of Migration Research (CMR) at the University of Warsaw and IMISCOE. It wass supported by the Noble Foundation’s Programme on Modern Poland.

Speakers included:

Professor Feargal Cochrane, University of Kent, Professor Nira Yuval Davis, University of East London, Professor Pawel Kaczmarczyk, University of Warsaw, Dr Majella Kilkey, University of Sheffield, Professor Louise Ryan, University of Sheffield, Professor Peter Scholten, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Professor Anna Triandafyllidou, European University Institute, Catherine Woollard, European Council on Refugees and Exiles, Dr Aarti Iyer, University of Sheffield

 February- Sustainable Care team visit to Tokyo & Sydney

In February, several members of the Sustainable Care programme travelled to Tokyo and Sydney to further connect with our international partners and share knowledge, expertise and data.

During the visit, our team collaborated with our partners on a range of activities, including Round Tables, Symposia, meetings with policy makers and even co-hosted a one-day conference!

read more on Professor Sue Yeandle's blog entry here


December Meetings

The Sustainable Care programme‘s Leadership Group meeting took place in the first week of December. In the same week all of our UK Sustainable Care team members attended a workshop led by Professor Allister McGregor in Sheffield to explore the theoretical and conceptual issues relating to the sustainability of care. For the Sustainable Care programme, Allister leads the Work Package on Care: Sustainability and Wellbeing: a conceptual and analytical framework for policy and practice in care and caring

Toronto Visit, 19th- 23rd November 

Members of the UK-based Sustainable Care team and our Canadian team based at the University of Alberta visited Toronto from 19th– 23rd November, and met with partners and stakeholders in our programme to discuss research sharing; concepts, theories and methods; international collaborations; and spent an afternoon progressing our joint plans. In Toronto, our three focus areas were Migration and MobilityWork-care Reconciliation; and Technology and Care. We also held a one-day International Forum on Care and Caregiving, in partnership with Carers Canada and the University of Toronto.


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Finland Visit, 23rd- 31st October

25th & 26th September, Sustainable Care- 1st Annual Programme Conference

Sustainable Care: connecting people and systems held its 1st annual conference in Sheffield

This year, the conference brought together the whole UK-based team for the first time in our Sustainable Care Team Day on 25th September. On 26th September, we were pleased to hold our first Research and Policy Day, where national and international experts came together to discuss the challenges in Making Care Arrangements Sustainableand the opportunities we have to influence the Re-Imagining of Care.

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APC 2018

14th May, CIRCLE’s 3rd Annual International Seminar

The Sustainable Care programme welcomed distinguished scholar and world-leading thinker on care Joan Tronto, Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota, USA on 14 May 2018.

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Joan Tronto SC Team

3rd & 4th May, Sustainable Care Capacity Building in London

As part of the capacity building for the Sustainable Care: connecting people and systems programme, members of the team travelled to London to attended a two-day mobile seminar, focusing on achieving policy impact given the impending release of the Social Care Green paper this summer.

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Sustainable Care team capacity building

18th April, Care ‘In’ and ‘Out of’ Place kick off symposium

On 18th April, Sustainable Care Co-Investigators Dr Majella Kilkey and Professor Louise Ryan organised a symposium to mark the kick-off of their work package ‘Care ‘In’ and ‘Out of’ Place: towards sustainability and wellbeing in diverse and mobile contexts’.

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8th & 9th March 2018, WUN innovations and Elderly Care meeting

Professor Sue Yeandle participated in the inaugural meeting of the Worldwide Universities Network’s new research Innovations and Elderly Care group, representing the University of Sheffield and CIRCLE.

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23rd June, CIRCLE’s 2nd Annual International Seminar

‘Caring and Ageing: international perspectives on family and workplace challenges’, funded by the Worldwide Universities Network. International speakers included Professor Norah Keating and Professor Kate O’Loughlin

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17th May, CIRCLE’s 1st Annual International Seminar

CIRCLE held it’s first annual International Seminar in Sheffield, Guest speakers were Teppo Kröger, PhD (Tampere), Tim Anfilogoff (Integration Lead for Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group), Yueh-Ching Chou, PhD (Minnesota) and Wenjing Jin (PhD student in the School of East Asian Studies, University of Leeds)

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16th May, Seminar with Professor Ito Peng

CIRCLE And Sheffield Migration Research Group hosted a Seminar by Professor Ito Peng-

Shaping and Reshaping Care and Migration in East and Southeast Asia

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