Sab holds a degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Kent; and a MA in Management, his MA thesis was on ‘Changes of cultural habits among immigrants in the UK’. After training as a Statistician, he has spent several years in conducting quantitative health research, data analysis and dissemination while working with international policy research and development organisations (e.g. International Food Policy Research Institute, Pension and Population Research Institute and Lutheran World Federation), to Health and Social care charities (e.g. YMCA, Mosaic International and Healthwatch). These have tuned his interest in policy research in Health and Social care with a focus on sustainable care and human wellbeing, and aging population along with mental health; and enthusiasm in statistical projection modelling in these areas. Sab has found the ‘Sustainable Care: connecting people and systems -a collaborative research programme’ where the aim is to support policy and practice actors, and scholars of care, to conceptualise sustainability in care as an issue not only of resource distribution, but also of rights, values, ethics and justice- is an exciting platform to receive research trainings and contribute to policy level.

Sab started his PhD at King’s College London (KCL) in January 2018 with Prof. Hussein, the Policy Institute at King’s as his first supervisor and Prof. Gilmour, the Department of Mathematics, KCL as his second supervisor. His PhD is a part of sub-project on ‘Migrant Care Workers in the UK: an analysis of sustainability of care at home.’ led by Prof. Hussein. His PhD thesis focuses on UK policy changes in 2018 – 20; Impacts on migrant care workers’ roles, recruitment and status; Implications for the sustainability and wellbeing of stakeholders; and changes needed in how homecare work is supported and organised.

Sab Siddiq

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Migrant Care Workers in the UK

An analysis of sustainability of care at home

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Migrant Care Workers and Their Future in the UK Context (Sustainable Care Policy Perspective 2018)

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