Robert Anderson is former Head of the Social Policies Unit at Eurofound, where he worked as Research Manager from 1988- 2018 on a range of topics: monitoring quality of life and living conditions in the EU; projects on ageing and changes in employment over the life course; measures to promote the social inclusion of people with chronic illness; and creation of employment in care services.

Research interests include analyses of the European Quality of Life Survey to report on intergenerational differences in quality of life, and on the social and economic situation of people with disabilities; both subjects will be developed in future Eurofound work programmes. He was President of Eurocarers from 2009-2013 which gave opportunities to promote links between research and policy at both Member State and EU levels.

Prior to joining Eurofound, he worked as Programme Manager at the WHO European Office in Copenhagen, with responsibility for the European Regional Programme in Health Promotion. He studied human sciences at Oxford University, and sociology as applied to medicine at Bedford College, London.

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Rob Anderson
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