Janet’s research areas include Economics of aging and family/friend care; Family economic issues; Public policy (health and continuing care, labour, income security).

She holds a doctorate in Family and Consumer Economics from Cornell University. Throughout her career, Janet has engaged in research, policy and practice with a focus on the economics of aging and the paid work and unpaid care work of family members. Her research addresses family, labour, health and continuing care policy issues, and she is often called on to consult with or advise government policy-makers and NGOs on policy related to caregiving and workplace supports. She currently co-leads an international and multidisciplinary research team investigating the intersection of work and care across the life course. More recently she has become a member of the leadership team for the AGE-WELL National Centres of Excellence program focused on assistive technologies that support the health and well-being of older adults and their caregivers.

From her first professional jobs in community education, practice and advocacy with national and local NGOs, Dr. Fast has worked to create and transfer knowledge, to engage with public, government and other user groups, and to work at the interfaces among them. Her numerous publications include chapters in books such as Blurring the Boundaries: Ageing at the Intersection of Work and Home Life; Family Time: the Social Organization of Care; and Rural Ageing: A Good Place to Grow Old? She has also contributed research articles to such academic journals as Research on Aging, Canadian Journal on Aging and Journal of Family and Economic Issues and she has recently joined the editorial board of a new journal titled the International Journal on Care and Caringwhich has been published since 2017 by Policy Press

Research and publications

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Magnaye, A., Eales, J., Fast, J., Stolow, M. & Leslie, M. 2020. Caregivers’ “failure to thrive”: A case for health and continuing care systems transformation, Special joint issue of the Healthcare Management Forum and the International Journal of Care Coordination on system transformation. DOI: https://journals.sagepub.com/eprint/3S6K5HFRMDWTRD8BDBGN/full

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