Annie is a Research Associate on the Sustainable Care programme at the University of Sheffield. She was previously at the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy at the University of Manchester, where she undertook postdoctoral research on ‘Living Well with Dementia Together’. That research programme involved in-depth work with carers and recipients of care, and her role at CIRCLE continues this theme. The idea of care as an issue of rights, values, ethics and justice initially attracted Annie to the programme. Annie’s core research interest is well-being and policy, and she brings this expertise to her work on the ‘Combining Work and Care’ work package.

Work package

Combining work and care

How do workplace support and technologies contribute to sustainable care arrangements?

Research and Publications

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Austin, A. (2016). Living Well with Dementia Together: Affiliation as a Fertile Functioning. Public Health Ethics, 11(2), 139-150.
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