Agnes has a background in social policy and social care. She received a degree in social policy from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary and went on to study International Relations and European Studies at the Central European University. From 2001 she worked as a civil servant for the Hungarian government and moved to the United Kingdom in 2006.

She completed her PhD in Community Care at the Tizard Centre, University of Kent in 2011. Her doctoral dissertation explored deinstitutionalisation and community living for adults with intellectual disabilities in Hungary. Agnes has worked for the Quality and Outcomes of Person-Centred Care Research Unit (QORU) at the University of Kent since 2011 and she was involved in a variety projects, including international research. She is predominantly a qualitative researcher with an interest in quality of care, user experiences and outcomes, and comparative policy research in social care.

In the Sustainable Care programme Agnes is working with Professor Shereen Hussein on Migrant Care Workers in the UK: an analysis of sustainability of care at home.

Agnes Turnpenny

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Migrant care workers in the UK

An analysis of sustainability of care at home

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Migrant Care Workers and Their Future in the UK Context (Sustainable Care Policy Perspective 2018)

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