Alice holds a BSc in Nursing and a master’s degree in Nursing Science from the University of Vienna. Having worked as a nurse for three years at a hospital in Vienna, she decided to get back into academia and completed her master’s degree in Public Health at the University of Edinburgh in 2017. Her dissertation focused on older people’s views and experiences with mHealth.

Alice’s interest in the potential of technology to improve the quality and accessibility of care led her to the Sustainable Care programme here at the University of Sheffield. She is currently pursuing her PhD which is focused on the potential role of technology to support working carers.


Prof. Luc de Witte
Prof. Mark Hawley 
Prof. Marieke Spreeuwenberg

Alice Spann

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Research and Publications

Challenges of combining work and unpaid care, and solutions: A scoping review
Supporting Carers to Work and Care (Sustainable Care Policy Perspective 2018)
The Role of Technology in Making Care Arrangements Sustainable (Sustainable Care Policy Perspective 2018)
Spann, A. and Stewart, E. (2018) Barriers and Facilitator of Older People's mHealth Usage: A qualitative review of older people's views

Combining Work and Care

How do workplace support and technologies contribute to sustainable care arrangements?

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