A new policy specifically for those who combine work and caring responsibilities is now available to colleagues across the University of Sheffield.

The Time Off For Emergency Caring Responsibilities policy provides enhanced provision of up to five additional days (pro rata) paid leave to cover emergency caring responsibilities for all staff with dependants. It applies for emergency situations where the need for leave could not reasonably be planned or foreseen.

The policy builds on the statutory right to unpaid time off for emergencies involving a dependant, and aims to ensure access to paid time off is applied consistently for all staff.

CIRCLE Director, Professor Sue Yeandle recorded a short video for the University of Sheffield  (available only for staff) to explain why this policy is so important:

Sue Yeandle

‘I’m delighted that the University of Sheffield has decided to introduce a new policy on time off for emergency caring responsibilities. It’s a subject close to my heart. Care and caring is part of my life as well as my work. I have a 100 year old father who now needs support in daily life and a sister with advanced MS. So I really appreciate how caring situations can change unexpectedly and throw an organised life into disarray. The new policy, I believe, will really help many employees at the university. I’ve worked with Employers for Carers, the organisation that’s helped us develop the new scheme, for many years and I’ve seen how similar policies have made a real difference in other organisations…

‘Government is planning changes to employment law that will offer new rights to working carers soon, and that’s also very welcome, but it’s great that the University of Sheffield is setting this particular example now. So very well done to all involved. ‘

The University is also establishing a network amongst staff members that combine work and caring responsibilities.

Click here to visit our publications page on this website and read work from our team members on combining work and care.

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