Episode six: Sustainable Care programme Early Career Network

In episode six, Obert Tawodzera, Camille Allard, Wing Yee Lam (University of Sheffield) and Breda Maloney (University College Dublin) discuss the similarities and differences between their research, and how current issues are impacting their research areas.

This episode is split into three parts:

  1. Young carers, working carers and caring at a distance
  2. Technology in care and COVID-19
  3. Cultural and gender aspects of care

Obert’s research is focused on exploring the role of new technologies in mediating long distance aged care relationships between UK based migrants and their overseas family members. The PhD is embedded within the wider work of Care ‘In’ and ‘Out of’ Place in the Sustainable Care programme, which aims to examine migrant experiences of care in and out of place, in order to develop understandings of sustainability and wellbeing.

Camille is also part of the Sustainable Care programme, and her research is on workplace support for employees who are also carers. She has been working with companies that offer different schemes of care leaves and is assessing how it could enhance a carer’s ability to incorporate paid employment. She works with the team researching ‘Combining work and care‘, which looks at under-researched aspects of the support needed to sustain the wellbeing of ‘working carers’.

Wing’s PhD research is about the juggles of informal caregivers managing paid work and eldercare. I am also passionate about research topics in  work-life balance, employees’ wellbeing, and equity in the workplace. Wing is working as a research assistant in two projects: Mental Health Awareness Training and Work-Life Balance in Hong Kong.

Breda is based in the University College Dublin and is researching young carers’ experience of caring whilst attending secondary school, and their perceptions regarding their future careers. Breda is also part of the CAREWELL project which examines how family carers can be best supported to balance work with care.

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