Carers Rights Day 26 November 2020 “Know Your Rights”

Post by CIRCLE Director Professor Sue Yeandle

A huge thank you to our partner Carers UK for its tireless work to make life better for carers!
For decades, Carers UK has campaigned for carers’ rights to support.
Carers Rights Day is about mobilising millions to make life better for carers. Each year, this special day helps carers raise their voices and speak out, so carers are recognised and supported:
at work
in the NHS
in our social security system
in social care
and everywhere!

Carers Rights Day brings carers together to challenge the unfairness they face and mobilise support for carers. Over the years it has helped deliver rights and support that are important to millions of carers every day.

Carers’ rights are about ensuring that caring for others– for family, friends or neighbours– does not mean financial disaster, deteriorating health or isolation for those who look after others.

Carers rights provide vital support- but much more is needed. Top of my own list are:
– a new right to paid carer’s leave for when caring gets tough
accessible local services that help prevent carer strain
an increase in Carers Allowance to be fair to carers, aligning it with other financial support

Thank you to carers everywhere and to everyone marking Carers’ Rights Day today.
CIRCLE and the Sustainable Care Programme wish you fantastic success!

Sue Yeandle

Professor Sue Yeandle is Director of CIRCLE and Principal Investigator of the Sustainable Care: connecting people and systems research programme.

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