The Potential of Technology in Adult Social Care

Policymakers and sector leaders often present technology as a solution to challenges in social care, yet the place of technology as a source of future sustainability is far from clear. James Wright, Kate Hamblin and Matthew Lariviere draw on their ongoing research to explore the potential for technology to address issues of sustainability, wellbeing and care quality.

This policy brief is part of the work of the research team, Achieving sustainability in care systems: the potential of technology.

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James, Kate and Matthew discuss this Policy Brief in Episode 4 of our CARE MATTERS podcast, available here.

The potential of technology Policy Brief front cover

Also released today

Working carers in the Ministry of Justice: Summary of Research findings

By PhD student Camille Allard.
The case study, conducted within the MoJ, aimed to understand what constitutes good workplace support for carers in employment, and to what extent this support is accessible to all MoJ employees (who are also UK civil servants).

The report is part of the work of the research team, Combining work and care: how do workplace support and technologies contribute to sustainable care arrangements?

Download the report here

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James Wright

Dr James Wright

Former Research Associate for the Sustainable Care programme

Kate Hamblin

Dr Kate Hamblin

Sustainable Care Research Fellow

Matthew Lariviere

Dr Matthew Lariviere

UKRI Innovation Fellow

Accelerating implementation and uptake of new technologies to support ageing in place

Camille Allard

Camille Allard

PhD Student

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