Sustainable Care Co-Investigator Professor Shereen Hussein launched a network yesterday, which aims to raise awareness of ageing within the specific economic and socio-cultural structures of the Middle East and North Africa.

The new network, entitled the Middle East and North Africa Research on Healthy Ageing (MENARAH), aims to help improve the lives and wellbeing of older people and their informal carers in the region. The MENARAH team is keen to collaborate with fellow researchers and authorities, offer expert advice to stakeholders and provide a consultancy service to enable an effective response to population ageing.

The MENARAH network will become the first research group to explore healthy ageing in this region.

Launch event

The network was launched through a virtual panel event on Tuesday 29 September 2020, click here to view the recording of the event on YouTubeThe event showcased the work of MENARAH, and featured discussions with an international expert panel including:

Shereen Hussein, Professor of Health and Care Policy Evaluation, University of Kent, UK
Professor Hoda Rashad, Director of the Social Research Centre, American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
Dr Sara Salman, Population Affairs, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN/ESCWA), Beirut, Lebanon
Professor Marvin Formosa, Director of the United Nations International Institute on Ageing, Valletta, Malta
Dr Christopher Mikton, Demographic Change and Healthy Ageing, World Health Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland
Furthermore, there is a recorded testimonial from Professor Victor Valcour, Executive Director, Global Brain Health Institute, San Francisco, USA.
Shereen Hussein

Professor Shereen Hussein

Professor Hussein said: ‘The Middle East and North Africa region is set to experience a boom in its elderly population in the coming decades, so this is a vital time to raise awareness and advocate the need for further research and change to support healthy ageing. By launching the MENARAH network we are making partnership opportunities more accessible, to connect researchers, policymakers, older people and their informal carers, educators and practitioners and make a difference. We hope the visibility of the network supports bids for more research funding, to actively develop solutions.’

For the Sustainable Care programme, Shereen leads the team researching Migrant care workers in the UK. Click here to learn more about the team and their research.

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