Care is in crisis. Austerity and staff shortages have placed increased burden on the care system. COVID-19 has placed further pressure on individuals, families and the care workforce as communities strive to support each other during a global pandemic.

Opening today, the ‘Sheffield Carescapes: Potential Futures of a Caring Society’ exhibition is a provocation to think about how we can support each other in Sheffield and as a society. It asks, what could the future of care look and feel like?

Drawing on recent research from Dr Matthew Lariviere (CIRCLE) on care, Akeem Balogun, Kate Morgan and Rob Richardson produced an audio-visual collection of ‘carescapes’, immersive stories and illustrations to evoke potential near and distant futures of a society focused on care and what matters most to us as we get older.

Artwork for 'Carescapes' exhibition by Rob Richardson

Illustration by Rob Richardson

‘Sheffield Carescapes’ is currently on exhibit at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield, UK. The exhibition is free to view, but it requires advanced registration to ensure compliance with government social distancing guidelines. You can sign up here.

For people who cannot access the physical exhibition, all material is available online here.

‘Sheffield Carescapes’ is part of the 2020 Festival of the Mind hosted by the University of Sheffield and local partners. The Festival of the Mind runs from 17th – 27th September 2020. For more information and to see the programme for this year, visit here.

The ‘Sheffield Carescapes’ team gratefully acknowledges the University of Sheffield and the Economic and Social Research Council for their support.

Illustration by Kate Morgan

Illustration by Kate Morgan

Matthew Lariviere

Dr Matthew Lariviere

Matthew is a UKRI Innovation Fellow, working on ‘Accelerating implementation and uptake of new technologies to support ageing in place’, linked to the Sustainable Care research programme. To learn more about Matthew’s work, click here.

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