Episode three: Waiting for a long-term care revolution

The Sustainable Care team  is exploring how care arrangements, currently ‘in crisis’ in parts of the UK, can be made sustainable and deliver wellbeing outcomes. We aim to support policy and practice actors and scholars to conceptualise sustainability in care as an issue of rights, values, ethics and justice, as well as of resource distribution.

‘Our system is fundamentally broken and needs radical and systematic change’

Sue Yeandle

In episode three of our CARE MATTERS podcast, Sustainable Care Principal Investigator Professor Sue Yeandle is interviewed by PhD Student Camille Allard. They discuss the Sustainable Care research programme, Sue’s lasting partnership with Carers UK, the International Journal of Care and Caring, Carers’ experiences of combining work and care around the world and the issues which the reform of Adult Social Care desperately needs to address.

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Sue and Camille are part of the Sustainable Care team. Sue is the Director of CIRCLE and Principal Investigator of the Sustainable Care programme. Camille is a PhD student and part of the team working on ‘Combining work and care‘. To learn more about them and their work, click the images below.

Sue Yeandle

Professor Sue Yeandle 

Sustainable Care Principal Investigator

Camille Allard

Camille Allard

PhD Student, University of Sheffield

Combining work and care

How do workplace support and technologies contribute to sustainable care arrangements?

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