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Can Europe afford to leave informal carers on their own at the forefront of the coronavirus battle?

“As a growing number of governments are developing praiseworthy efforts to control the spread of the virus while ensuring that patients receive the treatment they need, Eurocarers is very concerned about the likely dramatic impact of the epidemic on the already-difficult situation of informal carers across Europe.”

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Eurocarers is the European network representing informal carers and their organisations, irrespective of the particular age or health need of the person they are caring for. Our network currently brings together 70 carers’ organisations as well as relevant research & development organisations from 26 countries. Eurocarers was established by and for its members and works from the ‘bottom up’ to ensure that the voices of carers are heard at local, regional, national and EU levels and that the impact of policy on their daily lives is recognised by both policymakers and politicians.

There is also a Coronavirus toolkit, ‘practical support to informal carers’, on the Eurocarers website, click here to go to their site.

CIRCLE is a member of Eurocarers

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