Sustainable Care team members presented a seminar at Green Templeton College at Oxford University on Thursday, 21st November.

There have been increasing calls for innovation in the social care sector – and home care specifically – as a means of creating sustainable improvements in care quality and supply. However, though presented as a solution to the ‘crisis in home care’, the concept of innovation is inconsistently defined and examples presented often are neither ‘new’ nor neither ‘new’ nor capable of demonstrating significant change or improvement. This conversation explored how innovation in the field of home care is conceptualised, including the barriers and drivers to innovate, and some of the key trends in the innovation literature and in practice.


Dr Cate Goodlad

Research Associate, Sustainable Care programme

Kate Hamblin

Dr Kate Hamblin

Co-Investigator, Sustainable Care programme

Dr Karla Zimpel-Leal profile picture

Dr Karla Zimpel-Leal

UKRI Innovation Fellow, Sustainable Care programme

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