Dr Matthew Lariviere was recently elected the new Incoming Chair of the British Society of Gerontology’s Emergent Researchers in Ageing (ERA) Network.
For the next three years, Matthew will focus on improvements in three key areas for the ERA Network:

Matthew Lariviere

Dr Matthew Lariviere

UKRI Innovation Fellow

  • Increased interdisciplinary collaboration with early career scholars working in ageing and later life (notably social policy, sociology and anthropology)

  • Increased support and visibility for ERA professionals involved in teaching, policy and practice in gerontology as well as building on current strengths in research for the network

  • Increased opportunities for ERA members to work and learn from non-academic partners to prepare for roles outside of academia or establish collaborative research partnerships.

Matthew joins the current ERA executive team: Dr Lizzie Evans (Swansea), Mrs Nadine Thomas (Stirling), Dr Isaiah Durosaiye (Sheffield), and Jennifer Ferguson (Stirling).

If you would like to learn more information about the British Society of Gerontology and Emergent Researchers in Ageing, visit the website.

Follow Matthew on twitter: @MattLariv

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