The Managing Editors of Social Policy and Society (Dr Liam Foster and Dr Majella Kilkey) are delighted to announce the journal’s third Annual Lecture, sponsored by Cambridge University Press.

Brexit and Social Policy

Wednesday 15th May 5:15- 7:00pm
The Diamond, University of Sheffield

The third Social Policy and Society Annual Lecture with Dr Steve Corbett (Liverpool Hope), Professor Mary Daly (University of Oxford) and Professor Alan Walker (University of Sheffield)

The lecture focuses on ‘Brexit and Social Policy’, the subject of a themed section in the January 2019 issue of Social Policy and Society, which was guest edited by Dr Steve Corbett and Professor Alan Walker. Professor Walker and Dr Corbett will introduce the lecture, which will be delivered by Professor Mary Daly from the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford. The lecture will be followed by a wine reception, finishing at 7.00 pm.  Everyone is welcome but registration is essential.

Brexit and Social Policy

Alan Walker (Professor of Sociology and Social Gerontology at the University of Sheffield) and Steve Corbett (Lecturer in Social Policy at Liverpool Hope University) will introduce the session by discussing the failed promise of the concept of the European Social Model, from a Social Quality approach. The Brexit vote and subsequent political crisis revealed decades-long tensions in European society. The increasingly neoliberal direction of the EU, focusing on austerity and social control, is contrary to the values of the European Social Model. The absence of this overarching social concern has weakened the integrative potential of social policy, and paved the way for a regressive right ring populist backlash against neoliberal technocracy. Answers to contemporary challenges must focus on action for better social quality. 

The Implications of the Departure of the UK for EU Social Policy

One aspect of Brexit that has not received much attention is the implications of the UK’s departure for EU social policy. This lecture, delivered by Mary Daly (Professor of Social Policy at the University of Oxford), will take up this question, considering it in terms of the economic orientation of policy, the policy making institutional configuration in the EU and the likely change if any in the ideological orientation of EU social policy occasioned by Brexit (and the UK’s departure in particular). The lecture will reveal the very significant role played by the UK in EU social policy and how much the UK actually influenced EU social policy whilst also benefiting from it. A vital question for social policy is whether the departure of one of the EU’s most strongly neo-liberal welfare states is likely to lead to a substantial change in EU social policy. The lecture overall will reveal how the departure of the UK has high salience from a social policy perspective.

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