The Sustainable Care programme is part of a large international network across 20 countries, sharing research and engaging with policy and practice partners. Since the beginning of the programme in November 2017, our team have travelled to Australia, Canada, Japan, Poland, Spain, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Denmark and Slovenia, for research workshops, conferences, meetings and planning sessions. We are always happy to meet with new partners and discuss ways of linking in to our programme.

Our PI, Prof Sue Yeandle, sits on the international advisory board of a new project based at University College Dublin in Ireland: The CAREWELL Project, promoting health and self-care among family carers in the workplace.


Led by Dr Attracta Lafferty, and in collaboration with Family Carers Ireland, the four year project will examine how family carers can be best supported to balance work with care. Like the Sustainable Care programme, CAREWELL has a focus on the health and wellbeing of carers, and aims to develop an evidence-informed workplace programme for carers working in public and private work settings.

We’re looking forward to working with
Dr Lafferty and her team over the coming years.