Dr Majella Kilkey and Professor Louise Ryan are speaking today at a conference which aims to explore the economic and social impact of Brexit on EU27 citizens.

The conference, which is co-hosted by NewEuropeans.net and The Federal Trust, kicks off today at 2:00pm. Majella and Louise’s panel will start at 4:30pm and will focus on the social impact of Brexit, discussing such issues as;

Who is leaving the UK, why are they leaving and what challenges do they face?

What has freedom of movement ever done to help the British?

How will the health and social care sector be impacted by Brexit?

“EU27 citizens in the UK still face an uncertain future if Britain leaves the EU and British citizens still face being stripped of their EU citizenship. Meanwhile many of the anticipated social and economic consequences of Brexit are already with us.”- NewEuropeans.net

Registration for the conference is still open and includes a live stream link, find further instructions at the conference website here

Majella Kilkey

Dr Majella Kilkey

Sustainable Care Co-Investigator

Louise Ryan Care in and out of place

Professor Louise Ryan

Sustainable Care Co-Investigator

Dr Majella Kilkey and Professor Louise Ryan are Co-Investigators in the Sustainable Care programme. Their work package is examining migrants’ experiences of care in and out of place, focusing on three groups: ageing migrants in the UK; British retirement migrants in Spain; and migrant care workers in the UK. To learn more, click the image below.

Care ‘In’ and ‘Out of’ Place

Towards sustainability and wellbeing in mobile an diverse contexts