A blog entry by Andrew Magnaye, a PhD Student at the University of Alberta


As part of the Canadian (University of Alberta) branch of the Sustainable Care Team, I was privileged to have the opportunity to attend a week of very productive and insightful workshops and meetings with our colleagues from the University of Sheffield and University of Toronto on the U of T campus.  For many of us it was the first opportunity to meet in person and sit down together to share each other’s work and unique perspectives on ageing, mobility and the sustainability of care.  Areas of research which are especially important to me and my own dissertation work.

I was introduced to several new methods and concepts related to what it means to conduct meaningful research with diverse communities of carers across the globe.  I learned more about the Sustainable Care: connecting people and systems programme, and the potential for future collaboration across work packages which share many of the same overarching goals and objectives.  I left our series of workshops with a new set of eyes on how to conduct my own research and am very hopeful to contribute in the future to the larger Sustainable Care research programme.

Andrew Magnaye

PhD student

Our week together was capped off by the International Forum on Care and Caregiving: Research Policy and Practice held at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy at the U of T co-hosted by the Canadian Home Care Association, Carers Canada, the University of Sheffield and CIRCLE and the University of Toronto and the Centre for Global Social Policy.  The forum presented an invaluable opportunity to connect and exchange knowledge with stakeholders across disciplines and sectors who share a common mission to give a voice to unpaid caregivers, a group of people in society who often go unrecognized, are undervalued and unsupported.

While the week was long, the Toronto weather was at times unforgiving, and only the few strong and brave can speak to the quirks in our accommodations, I really valued and appreciated the week I was able to spend with the Sustainable Care team.  Not only as a young researcher, but as a carer as well.  I am definitely looking forward to future collaborations with the team and wish everyone the best over the holidays and the coming new year!

Andrew Magnaye

The Munk School of Global Affairs

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta and AGEWELL are Partners of the Sustainable Care research programme