In July 2018, Sustainable Care Principal Investigator Professor Sue Yeandle participated in the International Sociological Association’s 19th World Congress, an event that takes place every four years, in Toronto, Canada. Presenting work developed with Sustainable Care colleagues Professor Allister McGregor and Professor Norah Keating, Sue spoke on ‘Conceptualising policy and practice in care and caring: a ‘sustainability’ and ‘wellbeing’ approach’, in a session on ‘Contested concepts of care policies – ideas, interests and actors’.

Speech at ISA

Sustainable Care Co-investigators Dr Majella Kilkey and Professor Louise Ryan, also presented their work at the ISA conference. Majella Kilkey, with colleagues Loretta Baldassar (UWA, Australia and a SC international partner) and Laura Merla (UCL, Belgium) organised a paper session ‘Transnational care in the immobility regime: families facing closed borders and restrictive migration policies’. 6 papers were presented in the session, including Majella Kilkey and Louise Ryan’s paper ‘Situated Living’: Understanding migrants’ responses to unsettling events through a time-place-relational nexus.

Majella also presented her co-edited book Family Life in an Age of Migration and Mobility (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016) at a Meet the Author Session organised by RC06 (Family Research) and Louise presented her new paper with Dr Umut Erel: ‘ Migrant Capitals: Proposing a Multi-Level Spatio-Temporal Analytical Framework.’ Since the conference, this paper has now been published in Sociology –   https://doi.org/10.1177/0038038518785298 – Gold Open access.

Follow this link to read more about Dr Majella Kilkey and Professor Louise Ryan and their work on the Sustainable Care programme-

Care ‘In and ‘Out of’ Place


Towards sustainability and wellbeing in mobile and diverse contexts

Sue met Sustainable Care partners Professor Ito Peng (Canada), Dr Li-Fang-Liang (Taipei), Dr Jolanta Perek-Bialas (Poland), Professor Kate O’Loughlin and Dr Myra Hamilton (both Australia) to progress our international research collaborations and exchange research ideas and news.

During the conference, Sue also held meetings with our Sustainable Care partner at the Japan Institute of Labour Policy and Training, Shingou Ikeda, and two of his team – Dr Masaya Shimmei and PhD student Yukichi Honji. These meetings were used to plan collaborative research on working carers and to visit Nadine Henningsen, CEO of the Canadian Home Care Association / Carers Canada and her colleague Catherine Suridjan in Mississauga, Ontario, where plans for an International Forum on care and caring, to take place in November 2018 collaboration with the University of Toronto were developed.

Carers Canada

In her role as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Care and Caring (IJCC), Sue also chaired the annual meeting of the journal’s Editorial Advisory Board, held this year in Toronto, and met with Italian academic Professor Constanzo Ranci, co-organiser of the bi-annual Transforming Care conference. This will next take place in Copenhagen, Denmark in June 2019, where it will include a reception hosted by journal publishers Policy Press, launch a call for a new Special Issue of IJCC on Transforming Care, and hold the 2019 IJCC annual Editorial Advisory Board.


In early August, Sue attended the 14th Global Congress on Aging, organised by the International Federation of Aging (IFA), also held in Toronto. With Dr Meryl Lovarini, University of Sydney, Sue gave a joint presentation on ‘Technology and networks of support: active ageing among older people with complex needs’, based on collaborative work under way as part of Sustainable Care’s partnership with colleagues at CEPAR, Australia’s Centre of Excellence on Population Ageing.

The IFA’s conference was also a chance to learn about priorities for those studying ageing and working to develop effective policies, products and services for people in later life. It included a large exhibition of new work, products and activities in the field, and an opportunity to hear Dr John Beard of the World Health Organization launch a powerful call for action around the globe to combat ageism in all its forms.    https://www.ifa2018.com/speaker/dr-john-beard/