Professor Louise Ryan and Dr Majella Kilkey of the Sustainable Care programme recently had an article published in The Conversation, regarding a new report by the UK’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) on the impact of migration from the EU. Follow the link below this introduction to read the full article.

Contrary to the negative stereotypes perpetuated by many politicians and sections of the media, a comprehensive new report from the UK’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has found that migration from the EU has a positive impact on many areas of society.

The long-awaited report made a set of recommendations which the government has promised to consider before announcing its own post-Brexit immigration strategy. The key recommendation is that, unless there is a specific trade deal reached between the EU and UK which makes special provision for immigration, EU citizens should be treated no differently from non-EU citizens under a new UK-managed migration system.

Before reaching its recommendations, the MAC undertook an extensive consultation. It concluded that migration from the European Economic Area (EEA) – the EU states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway – does not, on the whole, have a negative impact on society.

It has little or no impact on the overall employment, unemployment and wages of UK-born workers. It has a positive impact on productivity and innovation, especially so from highly skilled migration. EEA migrants also contribute more in taxation than they consume in services, especially so for the NHS and social care.

Nonetheless, the report noted that any negative impact of migration may be felt more by lower-skilled workers, although this finding is “subject to uncertainty”…

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Professor Louise Ryan

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Dr Majella Kilkey

Dr Majella Kilkey

Sustainable Care Co-Investigator

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