Welcome to a round-up of some of the Sustainable Care team’s recent publications. In this issue, we have items from two of the programme’s leadership group. Dr Shereen Hussein, the lead for the Migrant Care Workers in the UK  work package, and Professor Jon Glasby, who leads the programme’s work on Care Systems.

New article from Sustainable Care programme Co-Investigator, Dr Shereen Hussein, focuses on the wellbeing of care workers

Hussein, S. (2018) Work Engagement, Burnout and Personal Accomplishments Among Social Workers in England: Does the clients’ group make a difference? Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 27th Apr 2018

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Dr Shereen Hussein


New book in series edited by Sustainable Care programme Senior Team member, Professor Jon Glasby

Heenan, D. and Birrell, D. (2018) The integration of health and social care in the UK, Palgrave

A new book written by Deidre Heenan and Derek Birrell from the University of Ulster and edited by Professor Jon Glasby, Professor of Social Care at the University of Birmingham, provides a timely and much needed systematic assessment of recent policy developments across the four countries of the UK.  The book, The Integration of Health and Social Care in the UK, introduces the different models of integration which currently operate – from structural integration in Northern Ireland to health and care partnerships in Scotland.  It examines the achievements of integrated working, showing how it can lead to improvements in the quality of services and access to services, as well as create cost efficiencies. It also considers barriers to integration and draw comparisons with experiences in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe to identify lessons for practice in the UK.

Professor Jon Glasby said: “Devolution means that we have four different health and social care systems from which we can learn – four natural experiments that could help us improve the care we deliver. Too often we look to perceived good practice examples from other countries (often from the US, in the case of the health service), when there’s so much we could learn from each other across the four countries of the UK.”

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Professor Jon Glasby

Sustainable Care programme Senior Team