CIRCLE’s 3rd Annual International Seminar

The Sustainable Care programme welcomed distinguished scholar and world-leading thinker on care Joan Tronto, Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota, USA on 14 May 2018. During her visit Joan met with members of the Sustainable Care team to discuss her 2017 article ‘There is an alternative: homines curans and the limits of neoliberalism’ published in the founding issue of the International Journal of Care and Caring 1(1): 27-43.

At CIRCLE’s annual international seminar in the afternoon, Joan spoke about her most recent work. In a talk entitled Neopopulism as a caring discourse: beyond protective to democratic caring, Joan explained that one way of understanding the wave of neopopulist politics in higher income countries is as a reaction to fears engendered by the ongoing practices of neoliberal states, and signs within them of anxieties around membership and fairness. She noted that explanations for these phenomena often miss a critical point: how care underpins this framework. She explored how neopopulist care discourse builds on desires to be protected, and fits with paternalistic and anti-democratic policies. Joan argued that a democratic care ethics offers a different response to the crises that spur neopopulist support, and engaged in a lively discussion following her talk.

We would like to thank Joan for taking time to come to the University of Sheffield to share her thinking with CIRCLE, the Sustainable Care team and other members of the University.

Joan Tronto Seminar

Professor Joan Tronto giving her talk

Joan Tronto SC Team

Professor Joan Tronto and members of the Sustainable Care programme team, after an enthralling talk